Green Alternatives to Vinyl

What are the Green Alternatives to Vinyl Flooring?

First of all what does green mean anyway? Here are some examples. Why don’t you decide?

1. Is the product made from safe ingredients? Petrochemicals or a product of nature would be a great question to ask here.

2. Is the product reasonably priced? Of course cost makes a huge difference and fad materials are not green or smart.

3. What is the life cycle of the product? Just divide the cost by the number of years it should last for a good comparison.

4. Is the product toxic to my family? Look for petrochemicals in the composition which usually lead to trouble.

5. Where is the product made? If there is only one place to get it, there are some smart exceptions made by people.

6. Is the product bio-based? Coming from renewable ingredients that support agriculture means it may be sustainable.

7. Are home centers offering it? Usually they ignore the triple bottom line for society when looking at profits.

8. Is it safe for folks with asthma and allergies? Take a look at the history, track record and suggestions of doctors.

9. Is it SMART certified? Compare LEED, Living Building Challenge or other Green Building criteria to see the big picture.

10. How long has the product been on the market? This one really should speak for itself.

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