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We welcome you to yet another fabulous page about the ever popular and exquisitely beautiful, practical and sustainable Marmoleum. Please enjoy our cool green floor images, take away some inspiration and be sure to send some of that groovy earth karma back our way.

1 Cool Green Floor Ideas at the This is a great use of Marmoleum Click with a border area for a living room with the primary color around the perimeter in Caribbean with a center inlaid area of Sahara.

 2 Cool Green Floor Ideas -

Who doesn’t love what Tara did with these really rich, earthy colors. The floor is a nice large checkerboard made with Walnut and Barbados Planks.

3 Cool Green Floors -

20″ Dual Tiles in alternating colors in the classic pinwheel pattern with some great rust colored accents make this a very, interesting combination.

4 Cool Green Floor Ideas -

A very unique layout here using two 13″ tiles to make a “two tile checkerboard” in random MCT tile muted colors. Definitely out of the box as far as patterns go.

5 Cool Green Floors -

Sheet linoleum materials inlaid pattern set with a black inset strip really was a great choice and highlights these great primary and secondary colors nicely.

6 Cool Green Floor Ideas -

Dual Tile in the Living Room makes for a healthy and safe environment for folks who may have asthma or allergies and need relief.

7 Cool Green Floor Ideas -

Eclectic or Electric Blue in the bedroom sets off a neutral white palette with an interesting idea.

7 Cool Green Floor Ideas -

This picture just looks cozy and comfortable for the barefooted bather. Dual Tile or 2.5mm Sheet Material can be combined with custom borders to develop a beautiful feature in a design.

8 CoolGreenFloor Ideas at Marmoleum Clique

A first class installation made this project really pop. An elegant border combined with Dual Tile and “cut corners” on the tiles with a complimentary colored “dot” makes this design.

9 Cool Green Floor Ideas

A nice combination of Volcanic Ash and Caribbean in a diagonal pattern is a nice compliment to this artisan kitchen remodel.

10 CoolGreenFloor Ideas

Classic Floor Design – Could you get more classic than this black and white tile look? Great attention paid to spacing, proportion and layout by this installer and designer team.

11 CoolGreenFloor Ideas

Basic Black – a stunningly beautiful color. Feet protectors on a chair would make this complete.

12 CoolGreenFloor Ideas

An awesome look that feels like wood but that is uniquely linoleum. Warm and sensuous for a living room application, this is a pattern we just haven’t seen in any other flooring product.

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