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So Many Colors

Overwhelmed by All the Colors of Marmoleum?

Even though we are overwhelmed by the patterns and Colors of Marmoleum we would like to use marmoleum click throughout our main hallway and through our open-concept kitchen / family room / den. How can people ever pick from all the choices of Marmoleum that are available. What are the most versatile shades and where is the best source of ideas and designs? Should the design be consistent throughout all of these areas?

South Bend, IN

See the answer below….

Hi Carol

The rule of thumb is that when picking colors you should have something in each room that you absolutely love and start there. That first piece of the puzzle should be something you won’t consider changing. It can be furnishings, wall art, window treatments or the colors of Marmoleum flooring.

As far as patterns go, many of the more varied samples are the older, original, marbleized linoleum patterns from 150 years ago.  The really great news is that for 2013 Forbo has brought out whole new Generation of Colors. There are also embossed varieties, speckles and flatter, more mono-chromatic options too. Very simply….do you love any of them? Pick something and then test your other choices against it.

Colors of Marmoleum Floor-Pictures

Do you have to use the same color throughout for the floor? Usually a good indicator is whether the ceilings are continuous from one room to the next. If they are then the walls generally don’t have a logical place to change colors either. The floor color can be a unifying element from one room to the next or the colors can change and be complimentary. If you are brave with colors, you can pick contrasting colors but they usually require a more developed sense of style as to how to fill in the palette of colors so they all work together. It’s never bad to share pictures or ask for opinions, but you may as well own the decision, since you are going to live with it…. until you decide to repurpose your Marmoleum Click to another space.

Hope that helps.


Marmoleum Clique Contest

Go ahead let it rip… and take the Marmoleum Clique Challenge… create some prose in a blog post that rhymes twice with the word marmoleum and you get a $50 gift certificate toward an all expense paid trip to any planet in the Milky Way Galaxy.  *Prizes subject to availability.  

Contest Rules

One entry per terrestrial, supernatural or human body.
Must be over 6574.32 days old to play.
Poems, haikus, sonnets must be at least 25 words
All entries must be at least four lines of prose.
All entries must include the words green, floors and marmoleum.
All words must be in the latest version of the Websters dictionary.
Exceptions are generously granted for creative variations of words ending with “oleum.”
All entries are approved at the discretion of the blogmaster.
All entries are graded on a curve.
Entrants are “asked” to supply a picture of their floor, their work in progress or one of their pets.

M. Clique