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Cinch Loc Marmoleum Click 3 Free Shipping on Tiles & Planks at GreenHomeFloors


May 5, 2017

Marmoleum Click 3 –  Cinch Loc Tiles and Planks at the Lowest Price with Free Shipping from Green Home Floors!

Marmoleum CinchLoc Click 3 comes in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Marmoleum Click 3 Cinch Loc comes in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Marmoleum floating floor tiles and plank systems just keep getting better.

With Forbo’s latest development of Marmoleum Click Cinch Loc, the tiles have become even easier to install, the price has dropped significantly, making it affordable for almost any budget, and Marmoleum Click 3 Cinch Loc features a higher level of water resistance and antimicrobial properties. That makes these tiles easier to clean, better for reducing your family’s exposure to allergens, and reduces the likelihood for the breeding of harmful molds.

Marmoleum is made of natural ingredients like rosin, limestone, and linseed oil, and is one of the best choices to improve the air quality of your home or business, especially for those who suffer from asthma. As always, Green Home Floors will send you free samples so you can see for yourself. The tiles come in a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to fit them to your own personal aesthetic and keep your home looking great. Because of the natural ingredients, the tiles reach room temperature quickly and can be used for underfloor heating, making for a higher level of comfort for you and your family.

Marmoleum is a great sustainable indoor air quality flooring option for your home or light commercial application. Anywhere else where you want a healthy, environmentally-friendly flooring—just be sure to give us a call at 844-356-6784 so we can discuss whether the subfloor conditions of your room meet the qualifications needed for Marmoleum installation. Generally, Click 3 Cinch Loc only requires a flat dry surface to install.

Green Home Floors has also introduced Free Shipping on all orders of any size. If you have questions consider using our resources here:

  1. What are the three types of Marmoleum?
  2. Will my family be safe from toxic chemicals and off-gassing?
  3. How much Marmoleum will I need for my project?
  4. Can I order locally or do I order right from GreenHomeFloors?
  5. When will my order arrive?
  6. Is this product easy to install?
  7. Where can I use Marmoleum Cinch Loc Click 3?

Marmoleum is a great floor, but not for everyone. The end user living with the product should really be involved with the choice of where to use it and how it gets installed, how it will be cared for and what the expectations are for this new flooring experience.

When you have looked through the basic details, please free to call GreenHomeFloors 844-356-6784 Sales Support Available 9am EST to 7pm PST for help in ordering or with layout and estimating questions before ordering.

Please be aware that our Green Floor Designer Pattern Layout and Estimating Tool only rounds up to the next full carton. Your installer may wish to have a waste factor of 3% to 8% built in for off-cutting depending on the complexity and layout of your floor. You, the end user may also want to have an extra carton on hand of the same color lot material for repairs if necessary. You will also have the first box for your next Marmoleum floor if you decide to do other spaces!

For more information about Green Home Floors and up to the minute pricing, please stop by and be sure to visit www.greenhomefloors.com.