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Fabulous Floors

Marmoleum is Fabulous Kitchen Flooring

Everyone agrees that true linoleum is healthier! Lots of folks still look at you with a puzzled look if you mention Marmoleum, the fabulous kitchen floor. Maybe that is because they don’t like four syllable words or maybe they can not pronounce it but they just don’t seem to understand what you are talking about even if you add that it is made by Forbo, that it is the only all natural linoleum flooring and that it is healthy to use in your home, especially for kids, pets and those who don’t need any more toxins in their crib.


Marmoleum Fabulous Kitchen Floor

The Fabulous Kitchen Flooring!

Some folks act like all natural flooring must be like sprouts and tofu and you will be teased by your friends if you order it, or it must cost more like organic vegetables. Lets put it this way, its not quiche and men can like marmoleum. In fact, lots of men see the colors and the textures of true linoleum and it strikes a chord with them because it is so flipping beautiful. Husbands and wives tend to agree that they will spend a little more for their flooring when they see this product. Its nice to live with, lasts a long time and is cheaper than buying two floors when you can buy one. That is not logic that most Americans can handle. The typical consumer settles for cheap and lives with it, not really liking what they bought until its time to buy again and then they buy cheap again. Its a vicious circle, that flooring price / value balance.

With two dozen different colors available in the Marmoleum Click, MCT and Dual Tile product line and hundreds of colors available in traditional glue down sheet, the color and texture options are endless and when combined with borders, inlays and contrasts like checkerboards the sky is the limit. Why else is Marmoleum considered a fabulous kitchen floor?