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So Many Colors

Overwhelmed by All the Colors of Marmoleum?

Even though we are overwhelmed by the patterns and Colors of Marmoleum we would like to use marmoleum click throughout our main hallway and through our open-concept kitchen / family room / den. How can people ever pick from all the choices of Marmoleum that are available. What are the most versatile shades and where is the best source of ideas and designs? Should the design be consistent throughout all of these areas?

South Bend, IN

See the answer below….

Hi Carol

The rule of thumb is that when picking colors you should have something in each room that you absolutely love and start there. That first piece of the puzzle should be something you won’t consider changing. It can be furnishings, wall art, window treatments or the colors of Marmoleum flooring.

As far as patterns go, many of the more varied samples are the older, original, marbleized linoleum patterns from 150 years ago.  The really great news is that for 2013 Forbo has brought out whole new Generation of Colors. There are also embossed varieties, speckles and flatter, more mono-chromatic options too. Very simply….do you love any of them? Pick something and then test your other choices against it.

Colors of Marmoleum Floor-Pictures

Do you have to use the same color throughout for the floor? Usually a good indicator is whether the ceilings are continuous from one room to the next. If they are then the walls generally don’t have a logical place to change colors either. The floor color can be a unifying element from one room to the next or the colors can change and be complimentary. If you are brave with colors, you can pick contrasting colors but they usually require a more developed sense of style as to how to fill in the palette of colors so they all work together. It’s never bad to share pictures or ask for opinions, but you may as well own the decision, since you are going to live with it…. until you decide to repurpose your Marmoleum Click to another space.

Hope that helps.


Shakespeare & Linoleum

Poetry and Marmoleum…Shakespeare? Really?

Shakespeare & Linoleum - Marmoleum Sweet Marmoleum

Shalt thou embrace and splurge for the flower of the floor or lie for all the seasons, regretful at thou fickle frugal nature!

A long time admirer of the linoleum floor, most people don’t know that William Shakespeare was thought by some of notable import to be the first in history to write about linoleum and its wondrous properties. When dirt floors were all the rage in England it was heresy to even consider such luxury.




Marmoleum Sweet Marmoleum

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home;
Apologies to J H Payne must be expressed
Or this verse will be pure theft at best.

While exiled from home, scouting materials up-to-date,
What to use to replace the old carpet I hate,
The DIY in me fell in love with Marmoleum
So pretty and easy and free of petroleum.

I gazed on the naked floors with anticipation,
And designed a layout of my own wild creation.
My carpenter did machine cuts and we both did the Click
And found that the floor got finished right quick.

How sweet, how Cool, and thoroughly Green,
I even enjoy keeping the silly Floors clean.
So round two is upon me: three more rooms to do,
The adventure starts again, and the colors are new.

To return ever more determined, renovation the goal,
My heart still flutters at Marmoleum —
Not linoleum — never rustoleum –like a museum —
Such a lovely home, and the floor is floating;
If I could be humble I wouldn’t be gloating.
No more from that cottage again will I roam;
Be it ever so tumble, there’s no place like home.


PS: Points to W. Shakespeare!